Welcome to the City of Bedford Heights - Your Relocation Destination

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Bedford Heights is a family and business friendly community of about 11,000 residents and more than 450 businesses.  New businesses and residents alike continue to relocate to our city in significant numbers every year. In 2014 35  new businesses relocated to our community; a few of which include ACE Home Health Care, HCP Construction, Komfort Kids Zone, Mactech Motion & Control, Mycestro, OCP and Vitec.  Along with that, 63 new homeowners purchased homes in Bedford Heights in 2014.  Our business community is extremely diverse.  They include: Automotive repair, bakery manufacturing, biotechnology, building material distribution, construction, crane services, glass related, HVAC, interior and exterior home remodeling, manufactured metals, medical, plumbing, restaurants, steel related, transportation to name a few.  We believe that this enduring interest in our community is due in part to the infrastructure improvements that have been made over the years and that are projected on into 2016.  We also believe that the city's fiscal stability and direct proximity to interstates 271 and 480 has a signifcant appeal to businesses looking to relocate to our city. 

If you are looking to relocate, give Mayor Fletcher Berger a call (440-786-3211).


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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:   Bedford Heights Sewer Rate Schedule for 2012-2014; Where Do I Go To Vote?; Scholarships Going To WasteFirst Energy Corp.; Basic Standards for Residential Occupancy; How to deter stray cats: Home Repair Program Loan; Bedford Heights Scholarship Award Application


Our program to deter the infestation of the highly destructive insect known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) residing in some of our community's tree lawn Ash trees is ongoing.  This insect has infected a number of Ash trees in the city, and they will ultimately have to be removed in an effort to prevent the incursion. 

Our service department will be removing a number of tree lawn Ash trees throughout the community this year (2015) and if you have received a letter from the service department this year yours has been designated for removal.  We are only removing tree lawn trees, which are the responsibility of the City.  At this time we advise all homeowners to check their property for other Ash trees.  If you believe you may have an incursion, we ask that you contact an arborist or tree company with questions or for confirmation of suspected EAB.  We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please be patient with us.  This is a necessary, time-consuming and costly process to rid our city of this invasive species. 

If those of you who have had trees removed to date, or have been designated for tree removal have any questions regarding the removal and replacement process, please contact our Public Works Director (Nick Baucco - 440-232-8832).


City of Bedford Heights has 2 vacant lots For Sale

Legal Notice of City Owned Vacant Lots for Sale - ORC 721.28

5525 Columbia Rd (PPN 791-28-133)

Vacant Land on Rockside Rd (24073 Rockside Rd - PPN 791-23-080 & 24091 Rockside Rd - PPN 791-23-081)

Major portions of this movie were filmed right here in Bedford Heights, click picture for more information and release date!