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Housing Department


Upon arriving to city hall, please use the phone in the vestibule and select the housing department and someone will come to greet you.

Legal Notice "Bedford Heights Lots FOR SALE" ORC 721.28
Purchase information for lots and vacant land in Bedford Heights
Purchaser must build a single-family residential home on the land within one year of the purchase date of the property.  (Extensions MAY be granted on a case-by-case basis).

  1. The property built must be single family.
  2.  Home must be a minimum of 1,600 sf.
  3.  Blueprints and drawings must be presented to the City's "Architectural Board of Review."
  4.  A Zoning Board review may be applicable.
  5.  Earnest money of not less than $1,000 is required (balance of the selling price to be paid at closing)
  6.  Any written contract submitted to the City will be reviewed by the City's Attorney
  7.  All required public sewer and public water tie-ins take place at the street.
  8.  This land is currently owned by the City of Bedford Heights

Foreclosure Prevention Information

A foreclosure occurs when a property owner cannot make principal and/or interest payments on his/her loan, typically leading to the property being seized and sold.

Ohio performs its foreclosures judicially.  Specifically, the County Court of Common Pleas have jurisdiction for the filing of a foreclosure complaint. There are eleven (11) separate steps to the foreclosure process in Ohio.

They are:

  1.  Breach letter;
  2.  Complaint to foreclose.
  3.  Title Report
  4.  Judgment Decree
  5.  Praecipe (order of sale)
  6.  Appraisal by three disinterested freeholders
  7.  Newspaper Publication
  8.  Foreclosure Sale
  9.  Motion to Confirm the Sale
  10.  Confirmation Hearing
  11.  Sheriff’s Deed.